The fate of the government isn’t decided in the elections

The chairman of Finns Party Jussi Halla-aho says in an interview that the fate of the government is decided in the municipal elections.

The claim is false and exaggerated. Municipal elections are not state elections, but local elections. The delegates do not decide e.g. on Finland’s Covid-10 measures, immigration, immigrant subsidies, the overthrow of the government or the election of the Prime Minister.

It is important to point out for the candidates and the voters that in municipal elections decision-makers are elected to the council of their own municipality. This council then elects the municipal government, boards and other institutions, which make decisions about the municipal infrastructure, school network and other everyday matters affecting all residents. Above all, the municipal councils decide on the municipal budget. (

Municipalities provide the most important basic services used by their residents. Providing these services costs money, and in addition to revenues from the municipal tax, state contributions are a lifeline for municipalities. There are no self-sufficient municipalities in Finland; all of them receive state contributions. (

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